About TomBee Concepts

Specialized in the Internet sector we develop concepts for a successful, efficient presentation for our customers in the world-wide medium internet.

Our services span the range from demand analysis with consultation and conception, to design and technical realization and the development and implementation of data base solutions and content management systems, up to delivery.

For the realization of complex projects we rely on competent partners, with experience in their respective special fields.

Individual Solutions

The realization of your individual needs is for us an important goal: just because so much is technically and creatively possible, does not necessarily mean it fits the needs of our customers. An Internet presentation is only successful if cost and application stand in an appropriate relationship.

Orientation to Targets

TomBee Concepts develops Internet presentations, which orient themselves to the needs of the user - your customers.

It is important to establish distinct structures which make a rapid transfer of information possible. A satisfied customer will return to your Internet site and is more likely to remain interested in your products and services.


With the development of modern Internet sites, standards play an important role. Web standards reduce the cost of development and design, decrease subsequent costs, make possible quick adjustments to technological changes and allow more users access to your Internet sites.

Wouldn't it be of advantage to you if your presentation were accessible not only from the Internet, but also with the use of PDAs or modern mobile phones, thus creating a truly world-wide access in different media and in corresponding high quality?

Web standards are the key - TomBee Concepts works according to these principles.